TREX: The Relational EXchange BBS


* TREX is a free chat bulletin board system located in Mountain View, California.

* We are NOT a decking company, a chewing gum, a rock band from the 70s, a police baton, a cough syrup, a vegetable fat, an XML language, a Transportation Expansion Project, a camp, a car, a motorcycle, etc., etc., etc.

* TREX can be accessed via telnet or by modem: (650) 967-6969.

* TREX is owned and operated by Brette.

* TREX first became operational on January 10, 1987.

* TREX received publicity in Los Altos High School's Newspaper, the Talon.

* TREX had a sister board, LOIS, located in Santa Maria, California. Visit the LOIS web page for more information.


* TREX is run on a multi-processor Legacy Sparcstation 10, which is a sparc-based UNIX machine running Solaris.

* TREX was once fed from as many as 28 2400 baud MNP5 modems (rear-view) for its dial-in lines, with a few 14.4 modems on contributor lines. However, with the move, enabling its availability from the internet, this number has been reduced to only one active dialup.

* TREX is connected to the Internet via a 1.1Mbps SDSL connection through XO Communications.


* TREX is running Moo, which was developed by Ford Prefect, sysop of TREX II, specifically for TREX. Moo is written in C, and is based on the original look & feel of Lambda Switchboard, which TREX ran for many years. Lambda Switchboard was written in 8086 assembly. There have been many enhancements made to Moo since it was first implemented, and the software continues to evolve.

* If you have any questions about the software, or have suggestions for further enhancements, send mail to Ford Prefect.

* TREX's web site uses iPlanet server software.

Powered by APACHE


* TREX historically has relied on the donations from its users to pay the monthly phone expenses. Since the phone costs are now insignificant, this particular cost of running trex is nearly eliminated. Despite this fact, power costs have increased and network connectivity is still costly. These bills still add up!

* Although TREX has always offered, and will continue to offer, free access to its users, we do offer a few special privileges to those who donate $30 a year (or more). These privileges include Internet email.

* If you would like to send a donation to TREX, please send either a check or money order, made payable to Pacific Bell, or well-concealed cash, to: