TREX: The Relational EXchange BBS


TREXing Through Cyberspace
Labeba Alkhattat
Staff Writer

A computer chat system is buzzing at LAHS, a community of people hooked together through telephone lines surged to one place. TREX, a BBS (Bulletin Board System) located in Los Altos, is very popular among Los Altos High School students. At least 25 LAHS students use it. TREX has existed officially for 7 years. TREX is free except for those who wish to donate $20.00 which gives the user special privileges, such as internet mail. On TREX public and private messages/mail are able to be sent like most BBS 's.

So why go to this chat place, when you can meet all kinds of nice and interesting people in real life? People are naturally more friendly in cyberspace and not so weary of others. They are more trusting because they are not afraid of being harmed. It's something to do in the comfort of the home to curb boredom. "I get on TREX instead of watching T.V.," said Senior Chris Bagley.

The BBS attracts many different people who find out about the BBS from listings in computer magazines, friends and homepages people have set up. The number of registered TREXers is around 1000.

Every person has a made up name, that is chosen by the user for different reasons. It could be an inside joke or the name of a person or object that the particular user likes. "I had established my Bob Barker Club and the big 'Bob' thing was happening so I decided to use the name, Bob Barker," said Senior Robert Casuga. On TREX, there is little role-playing - everyone acts like themselves.

TREX can be addictive. "I'm addicted to it [TREX] and it's really pathetic. Whatever I do, I can't get through the week without going on... It's like drugs, but worse," said Sophomore Melissa Koh. But not everyone on TREX is addicted. Melissa's sister Evelyn, a Freshman, has control over her habit. "I only go on an hour a week," said Evelyn.

There are all kinds of people who hook onto TREX. They are different ages, come from different mind sets and places in the Bay Area. Most people on TREX either live in the immediate area or are former residents. Because of the close proximity of TREXers, there are many social gatherings in which they can meet. The gatherings include pizzas, picnics and parties. Sometimes on TREX sparks fly and romance starts. So many possibilities, long time friendship and romance, but one must be careful because people are prone to play mind games when online. Most people on TREX choose their own groups of friends. "I only talk to Los Altos (people)," said Senior N.H.

Whether people hook onto this jolting fun spot for fun or relaxation or because they prefer to communicate with people on-line, there is staying power to TREX, people just keep calling and calling. "I have nothing else better to do so I subliminally call it," said Senior Robert Casuga.

November 22, 1995
Vol. XI Issue 3

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